The map below shows the conservation areas in Clay County, with details of the facilities and directions to each of the 13 conservation areas.

  Clay County, Iowa - Conservation Areas

Below you will find a map of the conservation areas in Clay County that fall under the jurisdiction of the Clay County Conservation Board. Click on a region of the map to enlarge that section. The numbers on the map refer to the chart at the bottom of the page. In the chart, you will find details of the facilities and directions to each of the thirteen conservation areas. Direct any additional questions to the Clay County Conservation Board 712-262-2187 or CLICK HERE TO EMAIL THE CONSERVATION OFFICE.

Map of Clay County Conservation Areas
  Conservation Area Map Region Acres Location Facilities

Bertram Reservation

SW 240 2 mi E of Peterson E F H O U
2. Bob Howe/Thunder Bridge Wildlife Refuge NW 34 W edge of Spencer C M S
3. Burr Wildlife Area SE 150 6 mi SW of Webb E F H U
4. Dickens Pit NE 40 1 mi SE of Dickens L [5 acres]
5. Grandview Park NE 1 W side of Lost Island Lake C D K L[900 acres] M T
6. Kindlespire Little Sioux Access SE 222 5 mi W of Webb C E F H I K M O P S U
7. Oneota Little Sioux Access NE 154 .5 mi E of Spencer C E H I K M O P S
8. Riverside Little Sioux Access SW 3 1 mi W of Peterson C K M P S
9. Scharnberg Park NW 36 1.5 mi E, .5mi S of Everly C D K L[12 acres] P Y
10. Schmerse Wildlife Area NE 46 3 mi E of Fostoria C L[7 acres] X
11. Stouffer Memorial Wildlife Refuge NE 21 2 mi E of Spencer C M S
12. Vera and Gilbert James Wildlife Area SW 13 8 mi E of Perterson C L[2 acres] U
13. Stub Johnson Equestrian Area N/A 80 .5 mi W of Menards, Spencer E

C - Canoeing D - Drinking Water E - Equestrian Trail
F - Forest Hunting H - Hiking Trail I - Camping
K - Picnicking L - Lake or Pond [Size of Lake] M - Motor Boating
O - Winter Sports P - Pit Toilets S - Stream Fishing
T - Flush Toilets U - Upland Hunting W - Wetland Hunting
X - Hunting Y - Swimming Beach  

Cabins for rent at Scharnberg Park

Accessible dock

Shelter house at Scharnberg Park

Shower house at Scharnberg Park